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My name is Amy Hammons...

My devotion to Australian Shepherds began the summer of 1999. When working on a ranch I fell head over heels with one of the ranch dogs, "Lucy". At that time I was unable to buy my own but knew when the time was right, an Aussie would become part of my family. With a strong history in the Quarter Horse industry, quality & pedigree was something I believed strongly in! After doing my research I started looking for my very first Aussie. In 2007 she arrived, and like they say – you can’t have just one.
It wasn’t long before we decided to begin raising these amazing dogs to be able to share the rewarding experience of owning an Aussie with others. Fast forward fifteen fantastic years and here we are, more obsessed and dedicated than ever.  Here at Diamond H it’s all about family, not just mine, but yours as well. Whether you are looking for a show dog, agility dog, trail blazer, therapy dog, or snuggle buddy, we pride ourselves on placing our puppies in homes where the are compatible with their future person and family.
All of our puppies are born in our home where they will remain until 4 weeks of age. At 4 weeks pups are moved to the “puppy barn” where they have plenty of room to play and take in all sorts of new scents, sounds, and sights. Allowing for changes to their environment at an early age builds confidence and the puppies tend to adjust very easily to future homes.
Potty training begins in the puppy barn with the use of pelleted “litter”. As pups mature, the potty area gets smaller and the play area larger. Pups learn to keep their play and sleeping area clean and seek the pellets when they need to “go potty”. This is the first step to potty training.
Crates with open doors are always in their area to allow them to be comfortable going in and out. Once the crate becomes a normal part of their environment beds are placed in the crates so this now becomes their sleeping and relaxing place. By the time pups go home they are nearly crate trained.
Between my 3 children, their friends, and myself, pups never lack for love and attention. They are comfortable being handled and loved by everyone they meet. This makes for a very social, confident, outgoing puppy. In the socialization process our barn cats play an important role as well! Our cats are often found cuddled up in the crates with the puppies.
We have been blessed with the opportunity to own and raise – in my opinion – the most intelligent, loyal, and affectionate breed. We are committed to preparing them for you.

Amy Hammons & Family
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